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Blooming Beauty You has been a dream project for us. It was born out of the sense of permanence caused by the pandemic year (2020-2021). To break the cycle and with a hope to give ourselves a chance, we started the intense but beautiful journey of turning my dream into reality.

In May 2021, we were finally able to open our doors and welcomed our first clients.

Our business endeavour is built on very strong principles of effort, investment and innovation. We focus on delivering quality services to our clients every time and aspire to become a reference within the local community and surrounding areas. The client experience within the salon is central to our services, and we are constantly focused on improving their experience.

Our team, a group of professionals in our client’s beauty needs, has gained experience throughout the years and is constantly improving and retraining to meet the market needs. Therefore, we’re constantly working on the concepts of Efficiency, Transparency and Innovation.

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